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keskiviikko, 29. marraskuu 2017

5 List of Android Applications Special Zombie Face Modifier Cameras

When Halloween arrives, surely we will get used to a number of scary things. Because generally when the hellowen arrives, there will be a lot of spooky things raised to enliven it. Especially now there is already a zombie camera as an android app that makes Halloween day becomes more lively again.
With this application you can make your selfie photos look like a scary zombie. Although now there are many applications of this type that can change the look of your photos into zombie sombre, but it turns out from the many types of zombie applications that can be downloaded from the Play Store. Here is a zombie camera application that we think is the best and easiest to operate.

The Walking Dead
Zombie lovers certainly will not be unfamiliar with this one movie. Interestingly again, in addition to making a movie, AMC has also made android applications that are useful to change the look of a zombie-like face that is in the walking dead. You can change your mouth, eyes, and backgroud from different types of templates available.

ps plus indonesia

This is one of the best and most unique zombie camera apps. Because, when you are doing a preview, that's where you can later see the look of your face that seemed to be moving itself following the animated zombie available. This is what makes this app so interesting and popular to date.

This is an app that can turn your face into a zombie, and is a best-selling app on the Play Store. This app has been successfully downloaded over 10 million times downloads in the play store. There are so many animations that can make your faces become scary like zombies. So membaut this application to be so interesting and different from other zombie camera applications.

Zelfie - Zombie Camera
It's also a pretty interesting app. Because this application can detect your face automatically and there are changes that can happen live, whether it is while using the front camera or rear camera. Everything is presented live and make the animation as if-akant erasa more alive.

ZombieBooth 2
As for the application of this one is made from TYFFON Inc. This appli- cation has been updated to look even more recent. Where in it is also equipped with a number of interesting features that are worth trying. Some of the features include special effects, zombie parts are diverse, share zombies, realistic zombies, etc.
That was a list of zombie camera apps that could make your face look more creepy. With the help of this application which will help you enliven the ongoing halloween event. Of course you do not want to be out of fashion right?